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Car Rental Sofia, Airport Sofia, Bulgaria

Rent a car Bulgaria - Teodor Tours LTD

We offer rent a car in Sofia airport Bulgaria with all inclusive prices, full insurance, fleet of perfect cars, vans, minivans, Suv, 4x4, automatic - Economy, compact, intermediate and standard class.

Why rent a car from us at Sofia Airport Bulgaria?

  • Only our company offers in Bulgaria - all-inclusive car rental services from Sofia airport.
  • Only with us car rental rates are FINAL - no additional or hidden charges.
  • We only offer SUPER INSURANCE (without excess) included in the rental price of a car. You have complete protection for you and your rental car in Bulgaria.
  • We only offer 24/7 FREE DELIVERY and RETURN of the rental cars in Bulgaria - whether at Sofia airport, hotel or private address.
     Our cars are safe, comfortable and excellent technical condition.


 Book a car now, and save time, nerves and money!


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Choice rent a car Bulgaria

Where in Bulgaria to rent a car - quality and profitable.

If you are looking for car rental in Bulgaria, find below written. In the Bulgarian web space these phrases are a dime a dozen. Hundreds, even thousands of results roll in tireless battle for customers. Many car hire companies in Bulgaria offer the most "cheap", "most advantageous", "best of the best" offers car rental. Dozens of bloggers and marketing specialist, SEO specialists and image-maker fight tooth nail to deliver cherished forefront of your trustees.
And you are wondering where and what kind of car to rent. Close your eyes and choose - with the secret hope to select more or less normal rent-a-car service.

Trust recommended company for car rental in Bulgaria.

Why? Use the experience of your relatives, friends and acquaintances - be it positive or negative. The best way to grab relaxed and hassle-free car rental in Sofia and Bulgaria to learn the most from using this service. Ask them from A to Z. What car rentals are booked - and what have they delivered? What price for rent is paid and what is involved? What insurance had a car, and if you had a problem or accident - whether they withheld the deposit or fined?
Are they satisfied with the attitude of the representatives of the car rental company in Bulgaria?


Call in the Bulgarian rent a car company. Visit their site.

 If you opted you personally look - look at the site, look for actual pictures of the offered cars, read carefully the conditions of renting comparable prices (what is involved, are there additional fees, VAT, you pay separately offered extras...) with those of other examined car rental prices in sites.
Call by phone - ask, inquire, ask questions about anything that interests you. Attitude and responsiveness on the opposite side is important for your final decision.


Rely on a real company for car rental in Bulgaria.

Many of the services in this sector offered by garages, dealers, individuals or companies with "a new name every day." Most chances are they do not have adequate insurance - in Bulgaria is required each car run mode letting any special rent-a-car insurance to increase. 
 In absence of a such insurance in the event of an accident, it will not be paid compensation.
Why trust the proven and long time market companies?
Because they keep on its reputation - offer supported car insurance that they pay the Insurer is "Rent a Car", their conditions of rental are clear and transparent. They do not seek one-day gains and do not want to lose customers.


Car rental Bulgaria airport Sofia

Rent a car Sofia airport Bulgaria - Teodor Tours Ltd.

Rent a car "Teodor Tours" is a family car rental company based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
We offer cheap rent a car Sofia airport Bulgaria with:
All inclusive prices,
Full insurance (No Excess),
Fleet of perfect cars, vans, minivans, Suv, 4x4, automatic - Economy, compact, intermediate and standard class,
Unlimited mileage, Free extras

Visit our website: cheapcarrentalbulgaria.eu  for more informations, available cars, promotions and rental rates.